Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and having a great day. Today I’m back on my movie soapbox and wanted to do a post recommending some movies based on books. Of course, this would work the other way round, too! This was actually really difficult, because no book and movie are the same (even in certain adaptations…cough) so I had to take some very strong liberties with this selection. This is a romance themed list so nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it!

Like Love, Rosie? Watch When Harry Met Sally

Love, Rosie is such a good book if you want a really slow-burn friends to lovers story. When Harry Met Sally is the same way! Although it takes place over less time the elements of the story are really the same, and Alex and Rosie’s relationship is really similar to Harry and Sally’s.

Like The Hating Game? Watch Set it Up

I need more office-based rom-coms in my life. These are quite different but they still centre around assistants to CEOs who don’t like each other at first but eventually they fall for each other. Also, we have an amazing female boss in each (played by Lucy Liu in Set it Up?!) so it’s definitely worth a watch.

Like The Simple Wild? Watch The Proposal

Okay this one is a bit of a stretch but I needed to recommend The Proposal to someone, anyone! Both follow a city-oriented woman who needs to travel to Alaska. Both have a hate-to-love relationship and end up having a similar emotional message. I would definitely recommend you check either the book or the movie out!

Like The Unhoneymooners? Watch Just Go With It

I feel like Just Go With It is The Unhoneymooners for men that don’t want to admit they like romance. Maybe I just think that because it has Adam Sandler in it?! Needless to say I still really love this movie and it’s so nostalgic for me. Both stories follow a couple who need to pretend to be together, while on holiday in Hawaii, and the two stories end similarly as well!

Like Love and Other Words? Watch The Best of Me

I think The Best of Me is a book too, but I’m recommending the movie to anyone who liked Love and Other Words. It’s a second-chance romance that follows some of the same themes and has both love interests dealing with the past, but as a warning The Best of Me does not have as much of a happy ending as in Love and Other Words.

As I said earlier, this was actually a super hard post to write because they are all so different but still similar in some ways! Let me know what you think of any of these books/movies, or if you can think of any other suggestions – I’d love to hear them!

Happy reading,


  1. i really loved set it up – it’s one of the few netflix rom-coms that i actually enjoyed thoroughly and i loved how they were able to balance the rom and the com perfectly, without sounding too “millennial” for my taste, lol. unfortunately, i didn’t love the hating game, but i can definitely see why you chose them for each other!

    i LOOOOOVE the proposal soo much! i wish the simple wild also had a fake-dating relationship, because hate to fake dating to lovers is just the *best trope* to have ever been invented, hahah.

    i adore the best of me too – it’s definitely my favorite second chance romance movie. i just really don’t like the ending and i almost always skip it, lol. it’s just so dramatic and sad and i really wish we got a happy ending. i’ll probably have to read love and other words so i can fulfill that need, hahah.

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    1. Me too, Set it Up is one of the only Netflix rom-coms I’ve actually enjoyed! The Proposal is one of my absolute favourites – and I guarantee I would’ve loved The Simple Wild much more if it had fake dating too!

      omg I skip the ending of the best of me too, every time! you should definitely read love and other words, that does have a HEA!


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