Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well and are having a great day. Today I’ll be doing the Superlatives Book Tag! I wasn’t tagged but I saw these prompts over here on Golden Books Girl and really wanted to do them, so here we are!

Most Likely To Be In The Movies: The Book That Would Make The Best Movie

For this prompt I would have to say Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson. The use of colour in this book is so clever – as the magic system is based off of how much colour you have, I can just imagine the cinematography to be just absolutely stunning. Also, all the fantasy action sequences would just be amazing!

Biggest Drama Queen/King: The Most (Overly) Dramatic Book Or Character

I’m going to say Maeve from the Throne of Glass series for this prompt! She annoyed me every time she came up, which I guess is her job as the villain but still! She wanted to make everything into a performance and that didn’t mean good things for our characters.

Best Dressed: The Book With The Best Cover

There are so many gorgeous book covers in the world, but I have to say one of my favourites at the moment is Girl, Serpent, Thorn. I recently got the Fairyloot edition with green sprayed edges and it’s just stunning!

Most Creative: The Book With The Most Unique Plot, Characters, & Structure

I’m a sucker for tropes so I hardly read books that could be described as unique, which I don’t mind at all to be honest! For this prompt I’m going to say Sadie by Courtney Summers. The mystery genre I rarely read from, the characters were unique and the podcast-style storytelling was too. The ending was also not what I was expecting!

Most Popular: The Book With The Most Ratings On Goodreads

The book with the highest Goodreads rating I’ve read this year is Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson. I absolutely loved this book and gave it 5 stars, so I definitely agree with its high rating!

Most Likely To Succeed: The Book That Is Going To Be Appreciated For Many Years To Come

There are so many classics I could say here (War of the Worlds, The Picture of Dorian Grey, even The Handmaids Tale) but I have to say The Hunger Games series. I read it for the first time 7 years ago and I still see people pick it up now and get the same timeless feel from it that I did. I truly considee them modern classics and I think anyone can get something out f it.

Class Clown: The Book That Made You Laugh Out Loud

I love a good rom-com movie but it’s quite hard to make me laugh in a book. One that got me pretty recently was Beach Read by Emily Henry. It was great to see January & Gus’s different opinions on the publishing world and especially the feminist humour that came along with it.

Most Improved: The Book That Started Off Slow, But Really Picked Up

For this prompt I would have to say Malice by John Gwynne. This definitely took a while for me to get into, but the second half of the book was amazing, and really worth the time spent getting into the world-building!

Cutest Couple: Cutest Couple In A Book

Right now I’m in all the regency romance feels, so my favourite couple at the moment has to be Minerva and Colin from A Week to be Wicked – they are SO ADORABLE!

Biggest Heartbreaker: The Book That Broke Your Heart

I always pick the same answers here too, but I’ll go with A Conjuring of Light by VE Schwab. That book put me through the wringer, guys! I was in such a state of stress the whole way through worried about what was going to happen to the characters. It broke my heart, not in a bad way but because it was finally over </3

Happy reading,


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