Hi everyone! I hope you are wall well and having a great day. Today I’ll be tier ranking some YA fantasy series (link here)! I see these all the time on Youtube, and as I’ve recently done a tier ranking of Sarah J Maas and Cassandra Clare books, I thought I’d do one specifically for YA Fantasy! Just a small disclaimer that this is my opinion – you’re obviously entitled to yours, and I hope you loved all of these books! So let’s start at the bottom and work our way up…

I was surprised at how many of these I’ve read, but even on my Have Not Read tier I really want to read King of Scars and This Savage Song. I’ve just not gotten around to it yet!

In my flaming trash/abomination tier I have Twilight and Insurgent. The truth is, I really enjoy ripping Twilight apart, but the movies are so good. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for Insurgent – I have no idea where that series was going.

Next in my Bad tier I have Divergent! Truth is, it was my favourite book for a long time but now I’ve grown up it just doesn’t hold up. Then I have the majority of the Red Queen series. I know this series is super popular but I found the main character to be insufferable, I didn’t like the romance or the ending.

Next in the Just Ok tier we have Red Queen – I thought it was a typical YA fantasy and provided a good setup for the series to jump from – it’s just a shame I didn’t like the rest of the books. Then I have The Mortal Instruments series! This is definitely my least favourite Shadowhunters series although we were introduced to some iconic characters (ahem Magnus) but Jace and Clary definitely aren’t my favourite. We Hunt The Flame I enjoyed but I found it a little boring at times, and Ruin and Rising…. we don’t even need to talk about that ending.

In the Good tier we have the Scythe series! I loved the first and second book, I thought they were really unique and asked some compelling questions – the third I didn’t enjoy as much as I thought it was too long and didn’t like the ending. Next is the other 2 books in the Shadow and Bone series, which I enjoyed a lot more than Ruin and Rising.

Next is the Great tier! I don’t know what I can say about these other than that they’re some of my faves. ACOTAR and ACOWAR are so good but don’t quite make it to God tier, and with Throne of Glass a couple of those books were misses for me (Heir of Fire and Tower of Dawn). Six of Crows is also amazing but compared to Crooked Kingdom it needed to be taken down a peg. The Cruel Prince and Queen of Nothing I really enjoyed but again just don’t make it to God tier.

Now we have the best of the best! Here we ACOMAF because… well where else does she belong? We also have The Dark Artifices series because that is one of my all time favourite series! A Darker Shade of Magic and An Ember in the Ashes I both adore, The Hunger Games is on there for sheer nostalgia (and it’s brilliant too), and The Wicked King is my favourite book from the Cruel Prince series. The Infernal Devices series I also absolutely love, and I can’t say anything else for Crooked Kingdom other than God tier!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I’d love to know whether any of your rankings were similar or different to mine – let’s chat in the comments below!

Happy reading,


  1. The Hunger Games where it belongs 👑 I can never do these because the only ones I’ve read, other than THG, are Percy Jackson, ACOTAR, We Hunt the Flame and The Raven Boys 😂

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  2. The frustrations that I had with both the Divergent and Red Queen series still haunt me to this day. Percy Jackson is amazing though! As for King of Scars I kind of expected more tbh (but the ending kind of redeems part of it a bit). Really enjoyed reading your post!

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