The problem with secrets is that they’re too easy to keep collecting.

Luna Allen has done some things she would rather no one ever know about. She also knows that, if she could go back in time, she wouldn’t change a single thing.

With three sisters she loves, a job she (mostly) adores, and a family built up of friends she’s made over the years, Luna figures everything has worked out the way it was supposed to.

But when one of those secrets involves the man who signs her paycheck, she can’t find it in her to regret it. Despite the fact that he’s not the friendliest man in the world. Or the most patient.

My rating: ★★★★★

As for the plot of this book, I was constantly intrigued because both characters were holding onto secrets from the start. The juxtaposition between the lighter and darker moments throughout the story was beautifully done. This book is one of the slowest burns I have ever read, and bearing that in mind, the pacing was still perfect. I was never, ever bored, and I think Zapata did an amazing job at progressing relationship development but in a slow way – it made it so realistic for the characters to fall in love over this longer period in time (especially because they knew each other and had a history before the start of the book). Despite the darker topics that are handled in this book, there are so so many sweet moments too – I feel like this relationship is the definition of the grumpy/sunshine trope.

As for the characters, they are some of my favourites in any romance book I’ve read. I can really, really relate to Luna and I feel so attached to her. We are quite similar in the ways we think and act towards other people, and I only wanted the best for her the whole way through the book. The history regarding her family is so heartbreaking and I love how much she loves people despite that. I rooted for her the whole way through this book! As for Rip, I found myself absolutely falling in love with him. I think he might be my all time new favourite guy in a romance EVER. I’ve read this book twice now, and even though he treated Luna like shit a couple of times throughout, you can totally understand why he did it. What I’ve noticed about the Mariana Zapata books I’ve read is that at the beginning of the book, I never see a way that I’ll end up liking the male love interest. By the end of it I obviously end up adoring them. Rip is my new #1 favourite – his standoffishness makes complete sense given his upbringing and his circumstances throughout his life, and seeing him slowly reveal himself to Luna was just so so beautiful. The little things that he does for Luna throughout the book – making her feel worthy, and not a bother – make my heart feel so full.!

The connection between the two of them is so so strong throughout the book, and they suit each other so well – they both do such a good job at breaking down each other’s walls really sensitively. The way they just started helping each other in little ways at the beginning and seeing that progress into love throughout the book was just so so touching. I think I would have to put this book in the #1 spot of my favourite romance, as it just had so many elements and tropes that I absolutely adore, as well as it being so unique and able to stand up on its own. I know I’ll reread it a million times!

Have you read this yet / is it on your TBR? Let’s chat in the comments below!

Happy reading,


  1. I really love a good slowburn where a relationship develops over a longer time. Always more realistic!


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